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LOVING it so far! I feel like I’m linking arms with you both and you’re helping me lift my eyes beyond the trenches of motherhood and onto Jesus.

     —Jennifer H.

I’ve read Suzanne’s intro and the first devotional and cried during both. It’s like you two can read my thoughts about being a mom.

     —Melissa B.

Started this morning, it’s our first day back to school and work after enjoying nearly three weeks with my “babies” (they’re not babies anymore) and the first devo had me tearing up already!

     —Glenna Lynn J.

This devotional is so right where young moms struggle—and rich with wisdom. I love the immediate launch into identity and insecurities about not rockin' this role of mom. Praying that thousands of moms discover this treasure—and, even more—discover the riches available in Jesus. 

     —Diane Comer, author of "Raising Passionate Jesus Followers:
          The Power of Intentional Parenting"

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